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6228 Filbert Ave Suite #1 Orangevale, CA 95662

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Healthy Mind. Healthy Bond.

After you give birth can be a fragile time as you step into the role of motherhood. During this season of transition, it is important that you and your family have the support you may need as you recover both physically and emotionally. The postpartum period comes with an array of feelings, and we want to guide you, talk with you, provide you with the tools you need, and help you build that special bond with your new baby.

Women who have postpartum support have an increased chance of successful breastfeeding, less chance of postpartum depression, focused bonding time with their new child, and a greater understanding of their newborn's needs and behavior. There is also less anxiety when their partner goes back to work. 


Painful latch while feeding

Breast refusal

Sore or damaged nipples

Feeling there is not enough milk

Baby weight gain issues

Tongue/lip tie issues

Premature babies

Plugged ducts, engorgement, or mastitis

Oversupply problems

Pumping issues

Inducing lactation

Baby hospitalization

Lactation support after infant loss

Bottle feeding

Pumping and returning to work

Low supply/ IGT

Pump flange fitting

Weaning/starting solids


I am here to support you in reaching your Breastfeeding Goals!

Gift Certificates Available 

“Grateful does not even begin to describe how we feel for Jessica. She saved my lactation life and my nursing journey with my son. She worked me through issues that I didn’t even know existed including a two week nursing strike from my son. I was at the lowest of lows and moments away from giving up when she pushed me and stuck by my side. Without her I would’ve given up and would no longer be nursing my son. And here we are at six months with a wonderful nursing relationship! She went above and beyond the required care and I instantly knew that she truly cared for my son and me. I will have her in my corner for every hopeful birth in my future and will suggest her to every woman I know! She is loved by the Kyle family.”


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